I Love That For You – Anna Waronker

I Love That For You, scored by Anna Waronker, is now airing on Showtime and available to stream on Hulu!

I Love That For You was created by Vanessa Bayer and Jeremy Beiler and is executive produced by Jessi Klein and Michael Showalter. Bayer plays Joanna Gold, a childhood leukemia survivor who chases her lifelong dream of becoming a home shopping channel host.

Decider’s Meghan O’Keefe raved that “I Love That For You is an outstanding new comedy that embraces kindness without ever feeling cloying. Its jokes have teeth and its characters have soul.” She said “the best part has got to be the friendship that blossoms between Joanna and her childhood icon Jackie (Molly Shannon). It is a precious, wholesome bond that butts against All About Eve cliches. Joanna’s fandom helps Jackie appreciate her own impact on her audience and Jackie’s guidance helps Joanna thrive on air. Besides that, there’s something so magical about seeing two of Saturday Night Live‘s most bubbly stars collide on screen.

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