Anna Waronker – High School

High School, scored by Anna Waronker, premiered its first four episodes Friday, Oct. 14 on Amazon Freevee.

The coming of age drama is based on indie rock musicians Tegan and Sara Quinn’s best-selling memoir and was created by Clea Duvall. Tegan and Sarah executive produce alongside Duvall, Jeremy Kleiner, Carina Sposato, Dede Gardner, Laura Kittrell and Brad Pitt. High School stars TikTok creators Railey and Seazynn Gilliand, and is a story about finding your own identity—a journey made even more complicated when you have a twin whose own struggle and self-discovery so closely mimics your own. Told through a backdrop of ‘90s grunge and rave culture, the series weaves between parallel and discordant memories of sisters growing up down the hall from one another.

“This is a pretty fantastic coming-of-age story, evoking the deep emotions once generated by the likes of My So-Called Life or Pen15, but in a way that is its own thing.” – Rolling Stone 

“The show is also great. You don’t have to know who Tegan and Sara are to appreciate their story, which explores loneliness, connection and longing with such palpable empathy” – Variety

High School gives us a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of both sisters as individuals and an evolving band. Their vulnerability, honesty, and compassion burst through, and I know will make countless people feel less alone. It is so important for the LGBTQ+ community to have memoirs like this to be able to recognize themselves and be inspired to follow their truth.” – Elliot Page 

Anna packs a lot of interest into her spare, moody score. Click here to listen to the cue HOSPITAL

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