Timo Elliston – Life and Beth

Life and Beth (season 2), scored by EMP client Timo Elliston and Ray Angry, is now streaming on Hulu with a soundtrack album coming soon. 

Rolling Stone said that Amy Schumer’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical series “returns better than ever”, and “levels up on humor and pathos in a big way”. The new season centers on the romantic relationship between Beth (Schumer) and John (played by Michael Cera). As the season progresses, Beth starts to notice certain behaviors in John and suggests that they check them out, together. Early in their marriage, John is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

“Schumer praises Cera’s performance and hopes that it will impact viewers, and help to drop the stigma around the diagnosis. “It is a brave thing to do and to portray,” she says of Cera, adding, “Autism has been something that has been so stigmatized. Very few people share their diagnosis, and it’s a shame. And we wanted to do our part to say: it’s just a part of someone. And it’s not this picture of that we’ve seen, of what we think that someone with autism looks like. And it holds people back from discovering this about themselves because they fear the stigma, and I really understand that.” – The Hollywood Reporter

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