Omni Loop – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Omni Loop, from writer/director Bernardo Britto and scored by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, premiered at SXSW to great critical acclaim! The film has earned a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

Starring Ayo Edebiri and Mary-Louise Parker, the sci-fi drama follows unlikely collaborators puzzling over time travel while one of them remains stuck in the same five days on repeat.

“As Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s score gradually evolves from needling electronica into more emotional, melodic moods, Zoya starts to see things differently, devoting more of her remaining time to her family and reaffirming her gratitude for what each of them has given her.” – Hollywood Reporter

“From the film’s savvy use of Miami’s brutalist architecture to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s tender and lilting electronic score, the gentle incorporation of slightly surreal elements allow the spotlight to stay on Zoya’s ability to reason things out… Time may unravel in Omni Loop, but admirably, it opens up the space to think less about the secrets of the larger universe than to take stock of the smaller ones that exist around us” – Variety 

“Sometimes, in film and in life, the greatest gifts are the ones you don’t expect yet were there all along. Omni Loop is this in beautiful, bittersweet action. As it loops back one more time, you’ll wish you could run it all back again” – Collider 

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