Saw X – Charlie Clouser

Saw X, scored by Charlie Clouser and directed by Kevin Greutert, is out now! 

In an interview, Charlie spoke to IndieWire about his experience writing the iconic music for all ten Saw movies, and being with the franchise since 2004. 

Charlie discussed his guiding principles for scoring the Saw movies:

 “So if we’re in some dark, crusty, underground lair, then I want to use sounds that feel like they’re in that same claustrophobic place. That’s why I use a lot of dark sounds, bowed metal instruments, and industrial drum elements. Another guiding principle that I try to use is to have the main chord progressions and melodies moving downwards through most of the score, as if the music is helping to drag the viewer down into the depths of whatever the victims are going through. Then, when I reverse direction and start moving upwards, it’s a big contrast and hopefully hits a little harder.”

“Clouser isn’t one to rest on his laurels, however — “Saw X” contains some of his best work to date in the form of a score that retains the elements that made the other “Saw” movies great (including Clouser’s now-classic “Saw” theme) but leaps forward in new directions. “Saw X” is, in many ways, the most classical film of the series, one that explores new sides of John “Jigsaw” Kramer and thus requires a more varied, emotional score. “ – IndieWire 

Click here to read Charlie’s full interview

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