Murray Gold – Years and Years

Years and Years, scored by Murray Gold, had its U.S. premier on HBO this week. The new six part limited drama series was praised by the Hollywood Reporter as a “wildly entertaining, moving and yes, sometimes funny look at a world gone mad”. The show explores three generations of the Lyons family, from 2019 through 2034, and how the impact Trump, populism, Brexit, racism, and technological advancements could have on the trajectory of Britain’s future. Emma Thompson stars as Vivienne Rook, a far right politician who forges ahead on her campaign to make those frightening concepts a reality. Murray uses the entire orchestra, a Bulgarian women’s choir, and a lot more in conveying the unsettling nature of this very possible scenario of the next few decades. Years and Years airs every Monday at 9 pm (PST) on HBO.Click here to listen to a sample of the score.

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