Everywhen – Jonathan Kawchuk

Award winning composer, artist and musical ecologist Jonathan Kawchuk’s new album Everywhen is out now via Paper Bag Records!

Everywhen is the result of Kawchuk’s assiduous endeavor to combine the worlds of music and nature in their truest states. There are just three sounds found on Everywhen: human voice, sine tones from a synthesizer, and the Rocky Mountains near Kananaskis, Alberta.

Recorded painstakingly over the course of 8 years in 3D Dolby Atmos, Everywhen is audio-evidence of the direct relationship between the human voice and the trees, stones, streams, grasses, grizzly bears, birds, rabbits, elk, and all other things that call the enormous, humbling mountains home. It is a harsh, anxious, tactile, heavenly, collage-based work of found sound and vocals, of breath and wind and space. It is deeply unsettling and supremely calming. It is inspired by and carries the philosophies of athleticism, transcendental black metal, the unfeeling amorality of nature. Everywhen is not a record about a place. It is a record by a place. Heard in a pristine Dolby Atmos setting, it delivers an amazing expression of the Atmos technology as well as an individual expression of our relationship with nature.



WATCH + SHARE previous album single “Solar Plexus” HERE + below. “Solar Plexus’ is probably the purest transition on the album between outdoor and studio recording.” says Jonathan. “It starts with human voice recorded outdoors in the Rockies which slowly becomes isolated from its environment.” Digital artist Brad Necyk turned fir trees into glass forests for the single art and music video for the lead track.

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