Daniel Kluger – 2021 Tony Award Nominations

Congratulations to Daniel Kluger for three incredibly deserved 2021 Tony Nominations

Daniel has been nominated for Best Sound Design of a Play, for his work on Sea Wall/A Life, directed by Carrie Cracknell and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge. The Broadway double bill was met with much praise during its run at the Hudson Theatre. The New York Times stated that “The quiet spectacle these plays offer is in the acting of tragicomedies of love and loss, young men’s stories about fatherhood and family, and about the hole that grief can blast right through a person’s center”. 

Daniel was also nominated for Best Sound Design of a Play, as well as Best Original Score for Adam Rapp’s The Sound InsideVariety raved that The Sound Inside is “gorgeously directed and beautifully acted”, and further gushed that  “Mary-Louise Parker will take your breath away with her deeply felt and sensitively drawn portrait of a tenured Yale professor who treasures great literature, but has made no room in her life for someone to share that love with. The other thesp in this two-hander is Will Hochman, endearing in the supportive role of a writing student who understands his odd-duck teacher and shares her values. Their intense Platonic relationship is all the more touching for being, of necessity, so brief and, in the end, so confoundingly dramatic.”

Daniel discussed his score with LiveDesign, stating that “The play is about a surprisingly intimate relationship between a teacher and a student, and that relationship feels dangerous and surprising and metaphysical. Both the teacher and the student deal with confronting their own fears of mortality and intimacy, so I wanted to make a piece of music that could hold that space with them without telegraphing too much emotion because the aesthetics of the play are very quiet and delicate.”

Click here to treat yourself to the very beautiful To Lay Down in a Field of Snow by Daniel Kluger from The Sound Inside

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