Bryan Senti – Humo

Bryan Senti’s latest single “Humo” from his upcoming Album Manu, is out now!

The single is accompanied by a music video that serves as the trailer for an album length film by the experimental filmmaker Alexandra Cuesta, shot on 16 millimeter through the Andean highlands, Ecuadorian coast, and parts of the Amazon.

Bryan says  “the idea was to recast images to feelings, to create story where there was none, to will meaning. The production itself became a metaphor for such a Kantian journey, as shooting a proper film on 16 millimeter through unpredictable and hard-to-reach locations is a test of will itself.”

“There are two metaphorical mountain tops in the album, Manu: Humo and Apu. Both serve as moments of peace and rest on Manu’s meditative journey, Humo coming first. All my life I’ve loved the French impressionists, particularly the work of Debussy. Humo, for me, evokes a modern South American impressionism, an Andean version of Nuages from Debussy’s Trois Nocturnes. It’s a true blending of influences, a musical mestizo.”

Manu will be released June 24, 2022 via Naïve Records

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