Phil Mossman – The Last Son

Tim Sutton’s latest feature The Last Son, scored by Phil Mossman, releases today in select theaters and on Redbox

The Last Son stars Sam Worthington, Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker), Heather Graham and Thomas Jane, and tells the story of Isaac LeMay, a murderous outlaw who learns he is cursed by a prophecy: one of his children will kill him. To prevent this, he hunts down each of his estranged children including long-lost son Cal. With bounty hunters and Sheriff Solomon on his tail, LeMay must find a way to stop his children and end the curse.

Variety’s Michael Nordine stated that The Western thriller, set in the Sierra Nevada in the late 19th century, “opens with lyrical narration and airy background music courtesy of Phil Mossman that brings to mind “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” He further noted that the film’s “striking visuals are accompanied by an oddly appropriate score led by droning, heavily distorted guitars”. 

Click here to stream the film via RedBox 

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