Matthew Pusti – The Girlfriend Experience (Season 3)

GES3 Key Art, Image ID: GES3_092820_0462

Matthew Pusti scored season 3 of Steven Soderbergh’s anthology series The Girlfriend Experience, which is now streaming on STARZ.

Written and directed by Anja Marquardt, the new season follows “Iris (Julia Goldani Telles), an American student in London who’s working as a neuroscience researcher at a tech startup by day. By night, she works at a mysterious futuristic escort agency. Soon, she begins using her night job to help inform her day job, becoming fixated on using data to analyze desire”(New York Post). Film Book stated that the “dreamy ambiance of Matthew Pusti’s score and and the purposefully jarring cuts in Nick Carew’s editing” evokes a “prime techno-erotic-thriller- atmosphere” that is “as slick as it is engrossing.”

Matthew spoke to Vehlinggo about his score, explaining that “The trick with The Girlfriend Experience, aside from navigating post-production during COVID, was really about identifying with Iris as a character and the change she goes through over the course of the season. From the beginning, we talked a lot about how her theme was about ascent and descent at the same time, and musically I worked from that perspective — something cold and synthesized alongside the warmth of more natural sounds; everything emerging and submerging all at once.”

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 (Original Series Soundtrack) is now available via Lakeshore Records.

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