Matt Novack – Murderville

Solving crimes is hard. Improv comedy is harder. All 6 episodes of Murderville, scored by Matt Novack are available to stream today on Netflix!

Based on the BBC3 series “Murder in Successville,” the new Netflix comedy throws celebrity guests (including Conan O’Brien, Sharon Stone, Kimail Nanjiani, Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong and Marshawn Lynch) headlong into solving cases alongside loose cannon homicide detective Terry Seattle, played by Will Arnett. Every week he’s partnered with a new celebrity, and they investigate a murder. Everyone on the show works off a script, except the celebrity guest who has to improvise from start to finish, and it is up to them to name the killer at the end of each episode. Matt’s music captures the tension and excitement without losing the fun!

Click here to listen to samples from the score
Click here to watch the trailer

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