Hania Rani New Single – “Hello”

Check out Hania Rani’s spectacular live session for her new single “Hello” – The single will be featured on her upcoming album, dropping mid-October. 

“Continuing their ongoing creative partnership, Paris-based filmmaker Neels Castillon directs the music video for Hello – the latest track from Polish pianist and composer Hania Rani. Shot in the Alps, the video documents, in a single shot, a live session recorded against breathtaking mountain scenery, incorporating a dance sequence performed by Czech dancer and visual artist Mr. Kriss – aka Kristián Mensa. 

Hania Rani explains “Hello is a track about feeling a bit uneven and restless during the night. It is about this strange inner feeling that makes you stay awake and make plans, question things, overthink and not be able to sleep. But it’s an interesting state. The whole nervous system is full on, everything seems a bit exaggerated and you lose control over your mind. Repetitive words “hello” are a little reminder to yourself to stay sane and think clearly. It is reaching out for other people in the very strange, empty space where you landed.” 

A connection in movement between the music and the natural environment, choreographed with Mr. Kriss in the role of playful disruptor, the video marks Castillon and Rani’s latest collaboration since 2020 releases F Major and Soleil Pâle, forming a union of sound and vision that reflects the director’s instinctively fluid approach” – Nowness

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