Fil Eisler – Outer Banks (Season 2)

Outer Banks
 (Season 2), scored by Fil Eisler was #1 overall on Netflix this week!

The series, created and executive produced by Jonas Pate(Aquarius), Josh Pate (Surface) and Shannon Burke, stars Chase StokesMadelyn ClineMadison BaileyJonathan DavissRudy PankowAustin North and Drew Starkey.

Vulture Magazine discussed the show’s successful return, stating “Oh, you thought you could get off the wild ride that is Netflix’s teen treasure-hunting drama Outer Banks after season one? That’s so cute. Once you’ve committed to Outer Banks, there’s no going back, and honestly, why would you want to? One of the best things about this show is that, especially in season two, it knows exactly what it is — a perfectly unhinged summer soap — and leans into it.”

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Chase Stokes discussed what can be expected from the show’s second season. “I think the beautiful underlying story of our show is the journey of friendship. During the pandemic, there was so much desire to rekindle relationships with friends, go on an adventure, put down your cell phone, and get out into the world. Now that the world is reopening, I hope the show sparks that level of joy again and forces people to get out of their comfort zones. Say sorry a little more. Make that phone call to somebody you haven’t talked to in a while, or get out and be involved in nature.”

Outer Banks (Season 2) is now streaming on Netflix.

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