Fil Eisler – Outer Banks is #1 on Netflix!

Outer Banks, scored by Fil Eisler was #1 overall on Netflix this week!The series, created and executive produced by Jonas Pate (Aquarius), Josh Pate (Surface) and Shannon Burke, stars Chase StokesMadelyn ClineMadison BaileyJonathan DavissRudy PankowAustin North and Drew Starkey. The coming-of-age drama follows a tight-knit group of local teens in the Outer Banks of North Carolina as they hunt for a legendary treasure and try to unravel the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance of John B’s father. The AV Club describes the series as a “very exciting mystery-thriller with touches of teen romance”, which transports viewers to an oceanside town with a “sprawling and somewhat mystifying mythology corrupted by its heightened class divisions, creating an ongoing cycle of violence.” Fil’s very contemporary score keeps everything cool.

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