Fil Eisler – Lakewood

Lakewood, scored by Fil Eisler, had its Gala Premiere in Roy Thompson Hall at The Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend. 

Helmed by veteran director Phillip Noyce (Rabbit-Proof Fence, Dead Calm) and written by Chris Sparling, and featuring a bravura performance by Naomi Watts, Lakewood plunges us headlong into a desperate scenario unfolding in real time.

Eisler’s challenge was to create tension, excitement and emotion in a film with no chases, no explosions and no effects or gimmicks – just brilliant acting in one continuous set piece. He accomplishes this in a score that is full of interest, elevating the film by expertly accenting but not overpowering Watt’s brilliance.

Pete Hammond (Deadline) describes the film as “riveting and pulse-pounding”, further stating that Lakewood is “a genius idea for moviemaking in the age of Covid-19. Take a major Oscar-nominated star, put her in a story that essentially only requires her on camera for most of an 83-minute running time, place the action all outdoors for extra safety, and hire a supporting cast who mostly can just phone it in from wherever they are in the world. That is the essence of Lakewood, which takes these simple elements, puts them in the hands of Watts and Noyce, and puts us on the edge of our seats.”

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