Timo Elliston

Timo Elliston


TIMO ELLISTON is an award-winning pianist, composer and producer, best known for his original score to Life & Beth (Hulu), created by and starring Amy Schumer. The score, co-written with his frequent collaborator Ray Angry (The Roots), features an all-star ensemble of musicians with Eric Harland, Sean Jones, Myron Walden and Ben Williams, recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, NYC. Variety said, “An evocative jazz score by Ray Angry and Timo Elliston guides some of the show’s most effective scenes through their peaks and valleys, sometimes doing the heavy lifting for the emotional beats, and sometimes working alongside the actors on their way there.” Season 2 of Life & Beth premieres in early 2024 and will reunite the ensemble with the addition of a live orchestra. Along with Life & Beth, Timo’s collaboration with Schumer includes Inside Amy Schumer (Paramount+) and the documentary series Expecting Amy (HBO Max).

Other composing credits for Timo include the Emmy-nominated and IDA Award-winning Abstract: The Art of Design(Netflix), an influential documentary series directed by Oscar-winning directors Chai Vasarhelyi (Free Solo) and Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?).

As a Music Producer, Timo recently completed season two of City Island (PBS), an animated series created by Aaron Augenblick (Ugly Americans). This season features music videos of songs written by Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio), with performances by Kimiko Glenn, Ellen Cleghorne, Michael-Leon Wooley, Kimia Behpoornia, James Adomian and Julio Torres. Other producer credits include the single Blue Bayou, produced for season one of Life & Beth, sung by Bridget Everett (Somebody Somewhere); a series of songs for Inside Amy Schumer featuring Ron Weiner (30 Rock); and also for Inside Amy Schumer, an original song, My Wife Buys Me Clothes (And I Wear Them) REMIX, co-written and produced by Timo with Method Man (Wu-Tang Clan), Ron Weiner, Ray Angry, and Maimouna Youssef (Mumu Fresh).

Timo comes from a musical family. He studied piano with his father, Professor of Music at The University of Maryland, Ron Elliston. He began performing in clubs at age 14 and spent the majority of his life performing in every type of music venue imaginable. He has toured internationally with his own trio, and has performed with Charles Davis, Valery Ponomarev, Stacey Kent, Giacomo Gates, Rebecca Parris and New York City Ballet.

Timo lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife, Amy, and a couple of kids.

Selected Credits


Life & Beth (Seasons 1 & 2)                                                                                                       
Directors: Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Ryan McFaul, Dan Powell
Producers: Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Ryan McFaul, Dan Powell
Starring: Amy Schumer, Michael Cera, Laura Benanti, Michael Rapaport, Kevin Kane, Gary Gulman, Phil Wang, Jonathan Groff

Abstract: The Art of Design 
Directors: Morgan Neville, Elizabeth Chai Vasahelyi, Brian Oakes, Scott Dadich, Claudia Woloshin, Jason Zeldes
Producers: Scott Dadich, Morgan Neville, Dave O’Connor, Justin Wilkes, Jon Kamen
Starring: Olafur Eliasson, Ruth E. Carter, Neri Oxman, Cas Holman, Ian Spalter, Jonathan Hoefler
*2019 IDA Award, Best Episodic Series

Inside Amy Schumer                                                                                                   
Paramount +
Directors: Amy Schumer, Ryan McFaul, Kevin Kane
Producers: Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Dan Powell and Ryan McFaul
Starring: Amy Schumer, Laura Benanti, Tim Meadows, Kevin Kane, Ellie Kemper, Michael Ian Black, Chris Parnell
*2023 WGA Award, Best Comedy/Variety Sketch Series

City Island (Music Producer)                                                                                                 
Directors: Gemma Correll, Katie Wendt
Producers: Aaron Augenblick, Gemma Correll and Dan Powell
Starring: Kimiko Glenn, Kimia Behpoornia, Michael-Leon Wooley, Julio Torres, Ellen Cleghorne, James Adomian

Game Change Game                                                                                         
Directors: Maxime Quoilin, Spike Jordan
Producers: Christina Norman, Ryan Heiferman, Jonathan Lia, Ralph Miccio
Starring: Chris Paul, Doc Rivers, CJ McCollum, Matisse Thybulle
*2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Year Million                                                                                                
National Geographic
Directors: Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Walter Pitt
Producers: Dave O’Connor, Justin Wilkes, Wendy Greene
Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Olive Gray, Vinette Robinson, Reece Ritchie

Expecting Amy                                                                                                    
Directors: Alexander Hammer, Ryan Cunningham
Producers: Amy Schumer, Alexander Hammer, Kevin Kane, Chris Fischer, Bernie Kaminski
Starring: Amy Schumer, Chris Fischer, Kevin Kane, Bridget Everette, Colin Quinn

Marvel 616 (Episode Composer – “The Marvel Method”)                                                                                           
Disney +
Directors: Brian Oakes
Producers: Jason Sterman, Sarah Amos, John Cerilli, David Gelb, Harry Go, Brian McGuinn, Joe Quesada, Stephen Wacker, Shane Rahmani


The Shovel (Short)
Cascade Media                                                                                                          
Director: Nick Childs
Producers: Nick Childs, Steve Hamilton
Starring: David Strathairn, Tim Guinee, Glenn Fleshler, Neal Huff
*Tribeca Film Festival, Best Narrative Short