Pru Montin



Australian born, LA based composer and sound designer Pru Montin is fast creating a name for herself as a dynamic and inventive composer of film and media scores. With a gift at sampling, she sculpts evolving sonic worlds from any sound source (discovered means, electronic, traditional or ethnomusical) into meticulously orchestrated emotional musical journeys. Her unique approach and freshly relevant sounds have led to features by ASCAP as a “Composer to Watch” and APRA’s World IP Day Innovator in 2018. Pru won the coveted biannual APRA AMCOS Professional Development Award for Film and Television in 2019 and was the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Brian May Scholarship. 

Whilst in the US she has fast become a sought after collaborator having worked with Hollywood composer’s Cliff Martinez (The Neon Demon , Drive), Adam Peters (Icarus, Snowden), Michael A Levine (Cold Case, Siren) and Andrew Hewitt (The Double, Villains). She has also collaborated with acclaimed directors Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary , Like a Virgin) and Richard Elfman (Forbidden Zone). Her film music has screened internationally (including the award-winning black comedy Heck! at Cannes and Palm Springs) and can be heard currently on the Australian ABC shows, Dream Gardens, Club Arak and feature Moon Rock for Monday.

In 2012, Pru received significant funding from the Australian Film Television and Radio School to develop a full size interactive music game myOrchestra, an exploration into creating an environment that uses gesture to compose through the conductor-like control of an orchestra using timbre, structure and dynamics as its main parameters. A beta version was presented at conferences including AGSC and APRA’s Glories of the Score in 2013.

Selected Credits


Villains (Additional Music) 
Gunpowder & Sky 
Director: Dan Berk, Robert Olsen 
Producers: Garrick Dion, Allan Mandelbaum, Tim White, Trevor White 
Starring: Bill Skarsgard, Maika Monrie, Jeffrey Donovan

5 (Documentary) 
Director: Phillip Gladkov 
Producers: Phillip Gladkov , Francis Agyapong 
Suite for Fleur Suite For Fleur 
Director: Ron V. Brown, Ruth Brown 
Producers: Rebecca Ann Brown, Ron V. Brown 
Starring: Luke Jacobz, Patrick Flynn, Jessikah Brown

Sunshine and Shade 
Indivisual Films 
Director: Ana Tiwary 
Producers: Ana Tiwary


SLUT (Composer, Sound Designer) 
Director: Louise Alston, Rain Fuller 
Producers: Melissa Chapman, Rain Fuller, Nicole Dixon 
Starring: Rain Fuller, Ali Tehrani, Betsy Sodaro 

Siren (Additional Music) 
Director: Nick Copus, Joe Menendez, Steven A. Adelson 
Producers: Matt Morgan, Eric Wald, Dean White 
Starring: Alex Roe, Eline Powell, Fola Evans-Akingbola

Dream Gardens 
Australian Broadcasting Corp. 
Producers: Jo Wathen 
Starring: Michael McCoy 

Art City 
Director: Greg Contaldi 
Producers: Brian Alevis 
Starring: Brian Alevis, Greg Contaldi, Robert Zaia


Wet. Warm. Dribble (Upcoming) 
Director: Aaron Peterson 
Producers: Sarah Linton Pru Montin Composer, Sound Design 

Cold Hearts 
Director: Danielle Baynes, Yolanda Ramke 
Producers: April Tafe 
Starring: Marcus Graham, Yolanda Ramke, Danielle Baynes

For Quality and Training Purposes 
Shann Studios 
Director: Shannon Browning 
Producer: Martin Theobald 
Starring: Robin Royce Queree, Caroline McQuade

Director: Lucas Sachs 
Producers: Edward Sampson, Katie Schiller 
Starring: Paul Glover, Wayne Hapi, Andrew Monro


E.very D.ay 
Writer In The Dark Productions 
Director: Jordan Hidalgo 
Producers: Misha Osherovich, Angelica Santiago 
Starring: Josh Bonzie, Giuliana Carr, Rob Moretti 

Delicious Poison 
Director: Amanda Michelle Tenney 
Producers: Essi Virtanen 
Starring: Amanda Michelle Tenney, Ben Michael Brown, William Guirola 

Ordinary Gods (Additional Music) 
USR Digital 
Director: Pascui Rivas 
Producers: David Brooks, Colby Gottert, Leandro Ipina 
Starring: Oliver Burke, Gaston Guruceaga, Emanuel Mammana 

Club Arak 
Red Seeds 
Director: Fadia Abboud 
Producer: Alissar Gazal 

Our Brother Jordan 
Director: Kaitlin Sophia Sprague 
Starring: Kaitlin Sophia Sprague 

3 Minutes 
Shann Studios 
Director: Shannon Browning 
Producers: Gita Irwin 
Starring: Lauren Hamilton Neill, Joseph Westwood, Nicholas Linehan Pru Montin Composer, 

Oasis (Composer, Sound Designer) 
Director: Joshua Longhurst 
Producers: Annmaree Bell, Craig Boreham 
Starring: Chris Dingwall, Alex Packard

I Remember You 
Director: Ramon Samson 
Producers: Ramon Samson 
Starring: Martin Estridge, David Lewis, Paul Anthony Rogers

School Zone 
Director: Barry Gamba 
Producers: Barry Gamba 
Starring: Alice Ansara, Rayan Elrihani, Wassim Hawat

Broken Time 
Director: Barry Gamba 
Producers: Barry Gamba 
Starring: Nisrine Amine, Enrique Corea, Dilber Hussain

Kettle (Composer, Sound Designer) 
Director: Maximilian Homaei 
Producers: Renae Louise Moore 
Starring: Kelly Butler, Christian Byers, Jai Koutrae

Director: Jaime Lewis 
Producers: Leonie Rothwell 
Starring: Joshua Longhurst, Heather Mitchell, Ash Ricardo

Director: Meryl Tankard 
Producers: Suzanne Mackay 
Starring: Sophie Lowe, Beatrice McBride, Madeleine Madden


We Did This Pictures 
Director: Belinda Fitzpatrick 
Producers: Belinda Fitzpatrick, Kate Talbot 
Starring: Reg Gorman Pru Montin Composer, Sound Design

Director: David Hawkins 
Producers: Kate Talbot 
Starring: Richard Davies, Daniel Daly, Bryce Hardy

Director: David Hawkins 
Producer: Kate Talbot 
Starring: Craig Annis, Debbie Zukerman, Ian Dixon

The Perfect Place 
Director: Christopher W. Bailey 
Producers: Christopher W. Bailey, Eleni Bailey 
Starring: Hailey McQueen, Luke Edward Smith, Kirryn Zerna 

Director: Tanya Goldberg 
Producers: Lisa Hoppe, Bobbie Waterman 
Starring: Robina Beard, Lester Morris

Making Tracks (Additional Music) 
Director: Megan Riakos 
Producer: Megan Riakos 
Starring: Amber Lawrence 

The Kings 
Director: Leonie Savvides 
Producer: Leonie Savvides 

The Traveller 
Director: Vijay Boothalingam 
Producer: Priya Rajkumar, Priyadarshini Rajkumar 
Starring: Adam Allsop, Sid Bose, Chary Iyer 

Todd’s Story (Composer, Sound Designer) 
Director: Belinda Fitzpatrick 
Producer: Belinda Fitzpatrick

Director: Justin Olstein 
Producer: Justin Olstein 
Starring: Diana Greentree, Bojan Seles Pru Montin Composer, Sound Design 


A Good Girl 
Be Famous 
Ben and Mimi – Mimi and Ben 
Blood Pulls a Gun 
Bound by Blue 
Broken Time 
Club Arak 
Dr. Salt 
For Quality and Training Purposes 
Gone Out 
Grandfather Paradox 
Hipsters, Gangsters, Aliens and Geeks 
The Astronaut 
The Boondi War 
The Hoarding