Alexis Marsh

Alexis Marsh



Three-time BMI award-winning composer, songwriter and music producer Alexis Marsh
is known for her work on six seasons of the TNT hit show, Animal Kingdom. In addition
to her scores, her songs have been featured in over 30 productions across television,
film, advertising campaigns, and online series.

In 2021 she composed the score to the final season of TNT’s drama, Animal Kingdom,
alongside Samuel Jones, her creative collaborator for all 6 seasons of the show. In 2020
she scored The Unknown Country, a feature film about a grieving young woman on an
unexpected roadtrip directed by Morrisa Maltz. The film features a string ensemble
recorded in Los Angeles and received its premiere at SXSW in 2022.

Marsh began composing as a jazz musician in Canada, studying music performance in
Toronto and Louisville, KY before moving to Los Angeles to attend the University of
Southern California’s Scoring For Motion Pictures and Television program. It was at
USC that she met Samuel Jones and began co-writing and producing scores for several
projects. Their work can be heard on feature films that have premiered at Sundance
(Equity, Lila & Eve), Tribeca (Preservation), and South by Southwest (We’ll Never Have
Paris, The Unknown Country), as well as in installations by Alex Israel (Alex Israel x
Snapchat, As It Lays), campaigns for Pinterest, Glossier, The U.S. National Park
Service, and shorts for Sesame Street.

In 2016, she released an album of her songs, Looking For Knives, as DYAN. Co-
produced with Jones, they worked with Dan Dorff Junior on drums and keyboards, forming a band, and releasing an EP in 2018 called Absence. Songs from Looking For
Knives went on to appear in Truth Be Told, South Side, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Lucifer,
Better Things, Virgin River as well as Xavier Dolan’s Matthias & Maxime.

Additionally, she and Jones recorded an orchestra at AIR Studios Lyndhusrt in London
for their score to Netflix’s animated feature, NextGen. The score’s main theme was
taken from the chorus of Marsh’s song, Faking, which is also featured in the film.

Marsh was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the Canadian prairies, and has been based in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2014.

Selected Credits

* With Samuel Jones

Duplass Brothers Productions
Directors: Morissa Maltz 
Producers: Miranda Bailey, Morrisa Maltz, Lainey Bearkiller Shangreaux 
Starring: Lily Gladstone, Raymond Lee

Next Gen*
Directors: Kevin R. Adams, Joe Ksander 
Producers: Jeff Bell, Patricia Hicks, Charlene Logan Kelly 
Starring: James Franco, Jason Sudeikis, Michael Peña

Ingrid (Documentary) *
Director: Morrisa Maltz Producer: Morrisa Maltz 
Target Zero (Documentary) 
Director: Mary Posatko Producer: Mary Posatko Starring: Elisa Gabrielli 

At All Costs (Documentary) *
New Man Media 
Director: Mike Nicoll Producer: Ian Ward 
Equity Broad Street Pictures 
Director: Meera Menon 
Producers: David Alan Basche, Frank Thomas 
Starring: Anna Gunn, Carrie Preston, James Purefoy 
* 2016 Sundance Film Festival U.S. Dramatic Competition

Looking at the Stars (Documentary) *
Elo Company 
Director: Alexandre Peralta Producers: Alejandro Ernesto, Melissa Rebelo Kerezsi, Corina Maritescu 
Delinquent LKD Films 
Director: Kieran Valla 
Producers: Alvaro Baquero Benedetti, Daniel Marks, Levi Smock 
Starring: Kim Director, Erin Darke, Bill Sage

20 Years of Madness (Documentary) *
Director: Jeremy Royce 
Producers: Kaveh Taherian, Jerry White Jr. 
Starring: Jerry White Jr., Joshua Tate, Joe Hornacek

Lila & Eve *
A+E Studios 
Director: Charles Stone III 
Producers: Darrin Reed, Sara Risher, Julius Tennon 
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Andre Royo 
*2015 Sundance Film Festival World Premiere


You See Me (Documentary) *
Director: Linda Brown Producer: Linda Brown

We’ll Never Have Paris *
Bifrost Pictures 
Director: Simon Helberg, Jocelyn Towne 
Producers: Robert Ogden Barnum, Simon Helberg, Katie Mustard 
Starring: Melanie Lynskey, Maggie Grace, Zachary Quinto

Preservation *
Present Pictures 
Director: Christopher Denham 
Producers: Jennifer Dubin, Cora Olson 
Starring: Pablo Schreiber, Aaron Staton, Wrenn Schmidt

Half Brother *
Director: Anthony Grippa 
Producers: Stephen Paratore 
Starring: Elizabeth Masucci, Casey Biggs, Jenny Dare Paulin

Sex(Ed): The Movie (Documentary) *
Circus Road Films 
Director: Brenda Goodman 
Producer: Brenda Goodman 
Intersection R3 International 
Director: Tim French 
Producers: Rick Irvin 
Starring: Hoyt Richards, Anabella Casanova, Johnny Williams

I Am I *
Present Pictures 
Director: Jocelyn Towne 
Producers: Jennifer Dubin, Cora Olson 
Starring: Simon Helberg, Jason Ritter, Kevin Tighe

Farah Goes Bang *
Farah Goes Bang Productions 
Director: Meera Menon 
Producers: Danielle Firoozi, Erica Fishman, Laura Goode 
Starring: Michael Steger, Kate French, Lyman Ward 


Animal Kingdom *
Producers: John Wells, Llewellyn Wells, Jonathan Lisco 
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Jake Weary

The House: A Hulu Halloween (Mini-Series) *
Producers: Louis Gropman, Daniel Marks, Levi Smock 
Starring: Lisa Marie Summerscales, Lary Hankin, Noa Drake


Aleppo *
Made By Me *  
The Raw Truth *
Polar Opposites *
Odyssea *
In Passing *
The Caretaker *
Adán *
Wini + George *
Ojala *
Dr. Gutman’s Eulogy *
Alaska Is A Drag *
Kalifornija *
Paying For It *
Record Breaker *
The Owl Who Had a Wish Tangled To Its Foot *
The Bride Of Frank *


As It Lays *
Creator and host: Alex Israel *