Bryan Senti – Mood

Actor, writer, creator and singer/songwriter Nicôle Lecky’Mood is a ground-breaking, unflinching, funny, and deeply affecting new 6-part drama airing now on BBC Three and BBC America later this fallfeaturing a killer original soundtrack with songs performed by Lecky and a unique hybrid score by EMP client Bryan Senti. 

The series, directed by Dawn Shadforth and Stroma Cairns, is based on Lecky’s critically acclaimed Royal Court play Superhoe.  Mood follows the story of East End Londoner Sasha Clayton (Lecky), a 25-year-old wannabe singer and rapper who’s forced to fend for herself when she’s kicked out of her family home. She meets enigmatic party girl Carly, who introduces her to the world of social media influencing, partying and online sex work. 

Senti, known for his work as the lead composer on the 2021 BAFTA winning drama “Save Me” (SKY TV) received critical acclaim for his experimental pop project “Ex Mykah” (Kowloon records, 2018) and was able to blend the pop and hip hop sensibilities displayed there with post-modern classicism (featuring a string quartet) to create Mood’s unique, off-kilter score.  

“Creating a score that blends elements of Nicôle’s powerful songs while creating enough of a musical distance to support the sense of verité that the live action scenes possess was a unique and exciting challenge for me”, says Senti. Nicôle described how the music and storytelling process organically blended together – “I think this show is one of those shows that’s breaking boundaries in this regard. It’s not a musical per se but it has two songs in every episode. I felt the best way for me to really connect with the audience is through the songs and for Sasha to say stuff in the music that she isn’t saying to any other characters. 

Click here to listen to selected tracks from Mood

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