Anna Waronker – Yellowjackets

Showtime’s Yellowjackets is one of the most talked about new series of the year! 

EMP client Anna Waronker and Craig Wedren wrote the theme song and scored the thrilling new series starring Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci.

The year is 1996. A plane carrying a girls soccer team crashes into the remote Canadian wilderness, leaving the survivors stranded for 19 months. The psychological warfare of adolescence slowly, painfully gives way to madness and then… cannibalism. As the first season of Yellowjackets reveals what went down in those woods, it flashes to the present-day lives of four team members, now in their early forties and battling their demons.

Variety’s Chris Willman said that the score helped “turn the Showtime series into a phenomenon”. 

Pitchfork’s Quinn Moreland praised the series as an “instant cult classic”, and in his interview with Anna (That Dog.) and Craig (Shudder to Think) about their sinister score and theme song (called “No Return”) to the series, he referred to how the music is delightfully reminiscent of their celebrated careers fronting influential 90’s alternative rock bands. Anna stated that “No Return” is like if “Radiohead and David Lynch made a theme song.” 

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