Roger Neill – Alex/October

Alex/October, directed by Josh Hope and scored by Roger Neill, had its world premiere this month at the Dances with Films Festival, held this year at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. 

The story involves a lonely Chicago winter, Alex (Brad Hunt) who reaches the end of his rope and decides life is not worth living. After several failed suicide attempts, he resorts to drastic measures by placing an ad to have someone do it for him. October (Tara Shayne), is on her own downward and their lives collide when October answers Alex’s ad. 

In the score, Neill continues to employ the mix of modular synths and acoustic instruments that gained wide attention in his score to director Mike Mills’ Twentieth Century Woman (A24). In this much more inward film, Neill becomes more expansive in both the intensity and the employment of intricate string writing. It’s an intense yet delicate score. 

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