Matt Novack



Matt Novack is a classically trained composer and percussionist whose intuitively smart scores have created indelible moments in (mostly) comedy projects across series and film. Matt’s music supports performances by many of today’s greatest comedic actors, including Amy Poelher, Paul Rudd, Rob Cordrry, Megan Mullally, Henry Winlkler and Will Arnett.  His most recent work can be heard on the hit Netflix series, Murderville, starring Will Arnett, as well as the series Harley Quinn on HBOMAX.

A regular fixture in the surreal world of Adult Swim’s live-action comedies, Novack was the composer for NTSF:SD:SUVFilthy Preppy Teens, and, most notably, the three-time Emmy award-winning Childrens Hospital, starring Rob Corddry, Megan Mullally, and Henry Winkler. Matt is also a longtime collaborator with the composer Craig Wedren, having provided music for Universal’s Role Models & ampWanderlust, Showtime’s The United States of Tara, and Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Novack scored his first feature They Came Together, starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler for Lionsgate.

Matt lives in Los Angeles with his wife. When not composing, he enjoys sci-fi novels, video games, and playing second base on the  Abominable Pictures softball team.

Selected Credits


State of Pride (Documentary) 
Portal A
Director: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Producers: Zach Blume, Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, Kai Hasson
Starring: Raymond Braun

Formaldehyde (Short) 
Film Circus LLC
Director: David Swinburne
Producers: Cameron Boling, Garrett Detrixhe
Starring: Kathryn Prescott, John Reynolds, Mark Rowe

My Beloved (Short)
Director: Eleanor Monahan
Producers: Devon Albert-Stone, Sarah Casolaro, Eleanor Monahan
Starring: Michael Showalter, Francis Polo, Dan Rob

Repetition is Poetic (Short) 
Ladies Lunch Productions
Director: Kate Murdoch
Producers: Tina Carbone, Cassandra Cardenes, Kate Murdoch
Starring: Cassandra Cardenes, Siaka Massaquoi

Anna with the Violin (Short) 
Ladies Lunch Productions
Director: Kate Murdoch
Producers: Tina Carbone, Cassandra Cardenes, Kate Murdoch
Starring: Alexandra Stamler, Cassandra Cardenes

Dog Days 
LD Entertainment
Director: Ken Marino
Producers: Mickey Liddell, Jennifer Monroe, Pete Shilaimon
Starring: Lauren Lapkus, Nina Dobrev, Eva Longoria

Dear You (Short)
Director: Kathryn Prescott
Producer: Ashley Sugarman
Starring: Ben Winchell

How to Be a Latin Lover (Additional Music & Orchestrations) 
Pantelion Films
Director: Ken Marino
Producers: Eugenio Derbez, Ben Odell
Starring: Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe

A Place to Call Home (Short)
Director: Veronica Garcia
Producers: Amber Watt, Veronica Garcia

The Akron Holy War (Documentary) 
Director: Anthony Fanelli
Producer: Anthony Fanelli
Starring: Jamie Adaway, Michelle Agnoni, Christopher Albanese

Bedroom Window (Short) 
Director: Calvin Main
Producers: Randie Liberatore, Dave Weathers
Starring: Alison Becker, Chris Alvarado, Jason Beaubien

The Dweller (Short) 
Directors: Calvin Main, Dave Weathers
Producers: Randie Liberatore, Dave Weathers
Starring: Tessa Netting, Kalyna Leigh

The Experiment (Short) 
Director: Calvin Main
Producers: Randie Liberatore, Dave Weathers
Starring: Anthony Fanelli, Arielle McFadden, Brock Powell

The Sneak (Short) 
Director: Calvin Main
Producers: Randie Liberatore, Dave Weathers
Starring: Shelley Regner, Reggie Couz, Brock Powell


The Second Sound Barrier (Short) 
Director: David Wain
Producers: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, Orlee-Rose Strauss
Starring: Vincent Kartheiser, Juliette Lewis, Ken Marino

Good Evening (Short) 
Director: Calvin Main
Producers: Randie Liberatore, Dave Weathers
Starring: Steve Brewster, Brock Powell

We (Short) 
Vol. Unlimited Entertainment
Director: Becca Gleason
Producers: Alex P. Creasia, Alexander Greer, Becca Gleason
Starring: Stephanie Ellis, Joshua Close, John Weselcouch

Spare Change
Directors: Arturo Guzman, Jonathan Talbert
Producers: Anthony Fanelli, Arturo Guzman, Jonathan Talbert
Starring: Lissa Lauria, Elyse Levesque, Curt Mega

Search Party (Additional Music) 
Gold Circle Films
Director: Scot Armstrong
Producers: Paul Brooks, Neal H. Moritz, Ravi Nandan
Starring: Adam Pally, T.J. Miller, Thomas Middleditch

Immobile Home (Short) 
Kira Hesser Productions
Director: Kira Spencer Hesser
Producers: Kira Spencer Hesser
Starring: Rose Abdoo, Anna Anderson, Brandon Bales

A Better You 
Director: Matt Walsh
Producer: Kirk Roos
Starring: Brian Huskey, Matt Walsh, Erinn Hayes

They Came Together 
Director: David Wain
Producer: Michael Showalter
Starring: Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader

Upldr (Short)
Director: Tim Christensen
Producers: Steven Christensen, Marc Gawley, Jordan Mendenhall
Starring: Melissa Bergman, Eric Lauritzen, Amir Levi

Wanderlust (Additional Music) 
Relativity Media
Director: David Wain
Producers: Judd Apatow, Ken Marino, Paul Rudd
Starring: Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Rose White 
Breakwall Pictures
Director: Daniel Kuhlman
Producers: Daniel Kuhlman, Deneen Melody
Starring: Erin Breen, Deneen Melody, Daniel Kuhlman

Tracks of Saints (Short) 
Wildfire Productions
Director: Nathan Atkinson
Producer: Robert Gran
Starring: Nic D’Avirro, Vanessa Fiore, Dan Patovian

Secrets of the Clown 
Badman Productions
Director: Ryan Badalamenti
Producers: Ryan Badalamenti, Matthew Goodwin
Starring: Tami Badalamenti, Ryan Badalamenti, John Blick

Single White Female 2: The Psycho (Additional Music) 
3rd Street Pictures
Director: Keith Samples
Producer: Marc Bienstock
Starring: Kristen Miller, Allison Lange, Todd Babcock


Miracle Workers: End Times
Producers: Daniel Mirk, Robert Padnick
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, Steve Buscemi 

Producers: Franny Baldwin, David Soldinger, Will Arnett, Trish Hadley
Starring: Will Arnett, Sharon Stone, Ken Jeong, Annie Murphy, Conan O’Brien

Scooby Doo, Where Are You Now!
The CW / Warner Bros. Animation
Director: Jonathan Stern
Producer: Jonathan Stern, Franny Baldwin | David Soldinger
Starring: Janel Parrish, Frank Welker, Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard

Helluva Boss
SpindleHorse Toons
Producers: Vivienne Medrano, Lauren Partington, Timothy Cubbison Starring: Brandon Rogers, Richard Steven Horvitz, Erica Lindbeck

Medical Police 
Producers: Rob Corddry, Krister Johnson, Jonathan Stern, David Wain
Starring: Erin Hayes, Rob Huebel

Harley Quinn (Additional Music)
DC Universe
Producers: Justin Halpern, Dean Lorey, Patrick Schumacker
Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, Tony Hale

Today’s Special (TV Movie) 
Jax Media / Warner Media
Producers: A.D. Miles, Khoby Rowe, David Wain
Starring: Nelson Franklin, Jane Lynch, Natalie Morales, Felix Solis, James Urbaniak

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (Additional Music) 
Producers: Michael Showalter, David Wain
Starring: Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofalo, Marguerite Moreau

Producers: Micaela Canedo, Riley Ettinger, Michael Salomon
Starring: Angelique Scarpelli, Sam Bangs, Michael Patrick

Childrens Hospital 
Adult Swim
Producers: Rob Corddry, David Wain, Jonathan Stern
Starring: Rob Huebel, Rob Corddry, Ken Marino

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (Additional Music) 
Producers: Michael Showalter, David Wain
Starring: Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofalo, Marguerite Moreau

Chapters of Horror 
Crypt TV
Producers: Katie Krentz, Randie Liberatore, Dave Weathers
Starring: Brock Powell, Alison Becker, Chris Alvarado

Filthy Preppy Teen$ 
Abominable Pictures
Producers: Paul Scheer, Curtis Gwinn, Jonathan Stern
Starring: Hannah Kasulka, Max Carver, Dylan Gelula

Filthy Sexxy Teen$ (TV Film) 
Adult Swim
Producers: Paul Scheer, Curtis Gwinn, Jonathan Stern
Starring: Marshall Allman, Chelsea Harris, Hannah Kasulka

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (Additional Music) 
Producers: Nahnatchka Khan, Jeffrey Morton, David Hemingson
Starring: Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker, James Van Der Beek

Adult Swim
Producers: Paul Scheer, Jonathan Stern, Curtis Gwinn
Starring: Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Brandon Johnson

United States of Tara (Additional Music, 4 Episodes) 
Producers: Diablo Cody, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank
Starring: Toni Collette, John Corbett, Rosemarie DeWitt

Funny or Die Presents… (7 Episodes) 
Funny Or Die / HBO
Producers: Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, Adam McKay
Starring: Steve Tom, Rob Huebel, Maya Rudolph