Jackson Greenberg

Jackson Greenberg


Jackson Greenberg is a Philadelphia born, Los Angeles based composer. Jackson studied music at Princeton University, The Royal College of Music and USC Thornton School of Music. After completing his studies, Jackson worked as an assistant for legendary film composer Randy Newman. Since then, Jackson has written music for over twenty film and TV projects, including two Oscar nominated documentaries (Cartel Land, 2015 and Audible for Netflix, 2022). Jackson’s theme song for Netflix Explained has garnered millions streams across all platforms.

Jackson’s commissions outside of Film and TV include pieces for the Slovakian National Symphony and the Sybarite String Quintet based in New York. Apartments, his work for string quintet, AM radio and tape loops, premiered in September 2022 and will be featured on Sybarite’s upcoming album release. Jackson’s music explores the intersection of live and electronic, often, found sounds.

Selected Credits


Boys in Blue
Director: Peter Berg
Producers: Charles Box, Mandon Lovett
Starring: Deshaun Hill

Music Box
Producers: Nancy Abraham, Geoff Chow, Marc Cimino

Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole
A+E Networks
Director: Mario Diaz, Peter LoGreco
Producers: Erik Christensen, Stephanie Lincoln

Whose Vote Counts, Explained
Producers: Marie Cascione, Adam Cole
Starring: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Stacey Abrams, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dating Around
Director: James Adolphus, Wylda Bayron, Zach Zamboni
Producers: Wesley Dening, Richard Kathlean, Alycia Rossiter
Starring: Jarry Lee, Jonathan A. Hanna, Antonio Troina

Explained (Composer – Theme Music)
Producers: Claire Gordon, Ezra Klein, Chad Mumm, Joe Posner
Starring: Estelle Caswell

Producers: Julio A. Pabon, Ashley York, Stephanie Lincoln
Starring: Estelle Caswell

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On
Director: Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus, Peter LoGreco, Sandra C. Alvarez, Rashida Jones
Producers: Victoria Gamburg
Starring: James Rhine, Lauren Phillips, Akira Lane

Look (Additional Music)
Director: Adam Rifkin
Producers: Brinton Bryan, Rachel Tenner
Starring: Ali Cobain, Colton Haynes


Madu (Documentary)
Disney +
Director: Matthew Ogens, Joel Kachi Benson
Producers: Rachel Halilej, Katie McNeill, Jamie Patricof

Choice Films
Director: Evan Matthews
Producers: Tony Glazer, Lana Link, Summer Crockett Moore, Rob Pfaltzgraff
Starring: Holland Taylor, Nestor Carbonell

AKA Jane Roe
FX Network
Director: Nick Sweeney
Producers: Kerstin Emhoff, Chiemi Karasawa, Tina Pavlides, Nick Sweeney
Starring: Norma McCorvey

Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses
Discovery Channel
Director: Vanessa Roth
Producers: June Beallor, Andy Friendly

Let Me Be Me
Director: Dan Crane, Katie Taber
Producers: Joe Plummer
Starring: Kyle Westphal

Maybe This Year
Kino Lorbeer
Director: Kyle Thrash, Jenifer Westphal
Producers: Joe Plummer, Ian Ross, Kyle Thrash

City of Ghosts (Documentary)
IFC Films
Director: Matthew Heinemann
Producers: Matthew Heinemann

Cartel Land (Documentary)
The Orchard
Director: Matthew Heinemann
Producers: Matthew Heinemann

Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference (Documentary)
Director: Wayne Kopping

Backwards (Additional Music)
Dada Films
Director: Ben Hickernell
Producer: Sarah Megan Thomas
Starring: Sarah Megan Thomas, James Van Der Beek, Wynn Everett


Sugar Crunch Epiphany
Director: Brian Paison
Producers: Grey Cusack
Starring: Catia Ojeda Trent Tackbary

Oh Boys
Golden LA
Director: Martina Magorin Borg
Producers: Vivi Rojas, Nicole Taylor Franzen
Starring: James Anthony Chiong, Oliver Fredin

Top Shot
North 130
Director: Alexander Hagani
Producers: Jonathan Burton, Marla Friedson, Alexander Hagani, Alexa Rockwell
Starring: Antonio Joseph Costanza, Jonny Rios, Kuminko Konishi

Over / Under
Director: Sophia Silver
Producers: Chelsea Davenport, Grace Gregory, Kimberly Hwang, Sophia Silver, Grace West
Starring: Emajean Bullock, Anastasia Veronica Lee, Adam David Thompson, Madeline Wise

You and Me This Summer
Director: Emily Berge, Spencer Thielmann
Producers: Tino Elmo, Taylor Wildenhaus
Starring: Phynnex Ambrose, Brandon Bassir, Noni Culotto

Daddy Isn’t Here Right Now
Winifred Pictures
Director: Sara Lindsey, John Weselcouch
Producers: Sara Lindsey, John Weselcouch
Starring: Sara Lindsey, Amanda Payton, John Weselcouch

Director: Matthew Ogens
Producer: Geoff McLean
Starring: Amaree McKenstry-Hall

Kate & Lily
Director: Grey Cusack
Producer: Grey Cusack, Brandon Douglas Hall

Director: Alanda Waksman
Producer: Mahin Ibrahim, James Kwon Lee
Starring: Peter Michael Biondolillo, Corey Cleary-Stoner,David Cooley 

Black Dog
Director: Romulo Alejandro
Producer: Sam Baker, Dana Merwin
Starring: Mercer Boffey, Hector Bucio, Bella Dayne