Bryan Senti – Zara Origins

Bryan Senti created a full orchestral reimagining of ‘Avril 14th by Aphex Twin for Spanish fashion label Zara, commissioned by the creative agency CANADA and directed by Roger Guàrdia.  Bryan also music supervised the high concept art video centered around the piece, which involved two recordings, one live in the pool setting and another with Prague’s FILMharmonic orchestra. The end result is a combination of both recordings as well as live excerpts from soloists and numerous piano recordings. Zara pressed an exclusive VIP vinyl and awarded to those lucky enough to attend the event.

Bryan was happy to receive the endorsement of his vision by Aphex Twin and Warp Records, who cooperated on the project.

Check out the Zara Origins project yourself below.

Zara Origins – A Visual Experience Based on Aphex Twin’s Song ‘Avril 14th” – Musically conceived, arranged, and produced by Bryan Senti.

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