Bryan Senti – Mantra

Check out Bryan Senti’s latest music video premiere for “Mantra” – one of the nine tracks on his new album, Manu, out June 24th on Naïve Records. Bryan worked with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble on this exciting project. The track is being presented on ICAREIFYOULISTEN.COM. They say:

“With a career in film, TV, concert music, and experimental pop, Manu is Senti’s most ambitious crossover project to-date, combining his Western classical training with the Indigenous folk music of his Colombian and Cuban heritage. This fusion of influences was partially sparked by becoming a father in 2020. Reflecting on his own childhood after the birth of his first child, Senti says that he wished he had learned to “cherish both a Hispanic and American identity equally” earlier in life.” 

Here’s what Bryan had to say about the album:

Manu leans towards the story of my mother, embracing a female energy, a “madre naturaleza” spirit. But a few tracks at the middle of the record call upon my father. My father, who passed away in 2016, was from Havana. For anyone who’s ever been to Cuba or is familiar with the people, they know there’s a salt-of-the-earth air of sensuality and nostalgia in the culture. I imagine my father back there as a young boy or man, mischievous and yet spiritual (he would later become a reverend). That paradox comes alive for me in “Mantra.”

Click here to stream the live performance of  “Mantra”

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