Aamina Gant / On Your Radar

Check out TelevisionAcademy.com’s article series On Your Radar,  where seasoned entertainment professionals feature new and upcoming talent as ones to watch. In this installment, producer-director Ava DuVernay highlights music supervisor Aamina Gant, who has worked with her on Colin in Black and White (Netflix), DMZ (HBO Max), Naomi (The CW) and Queen Sugar (OWN) . 

“Aamina does it with so much class, elegance, hard work and creativity,” says DuVernay, who is no stranger to the work herself, having served as music supervisor on her own first four films. “She’s just been a joy to work with.”

A joy and, it seems, a kind of savant. Music, DuVernay explains, can serve many different functions on a television show — as opposed to on a film, where tunes are more part of a tapestry. Music can punch up a slow scene, move the narrative forward or even divert viewers’ attention from something creators would rather we didn’t notice.”

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