Asaf Sagiv



Asaf Sagiv is a Los Angeles based composer, best known for his work for the Netflix Original ‘Who Shot The Sheriff?’ (2018) directed by Academy Award nominated director Kief Davidson, and for Foxhound’s feature film ‘Drugs‘ (2018) directed by Jonathan Marshall Thompson.

He spent his early life growing up in Israel, playing guitar and studying composition, and later relocated to the USA. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston (‘07), and a recipient of the Film Scoring department Doug Timm Award for Outstanding Musicianship. He was selected to attend the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL) Mentor Program in Los Angeles Fall 2007. His work for the short film Dreamwisher (2019) won the Southern Shorts Award Of Excellence for Individual Achievement In Music.

After spending a couple of years living and working in Hollywood making music for film, TV and commercials, he moved back to Israel to form his band Water Knot. He led their EP tour of Europe and the US, culminating at Bonnaroo Festival, before settling in London for a couple of years. Living in London saw Asaf return to scoring, with the feature ‘Last Summer‘, directed by Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli and starring Rinko Kikuchi (Babel). The film premiered at Rome International Film Festival, was nominated for Best Feature Film Award and received AITS Best Sound Award

His music has been since featured in two major blockbusters; Gary Felder‘s ‘Homefront‘ produced by Nu Image / Millennium Films, and ‘Misconduct‘ released by Lionsgate starring Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino – the latter of which selected his work for the official soundtrack. His music has recently appeared on a soundtrack alongside Beck for the feature drama ‘Like Me Back‘(2018). 

Selected Credits


Council of Dads (Additional Music)
Director: Jerry Bruckheimer
Producers: Bruce Feiler
Starring: Sarah Wayne Callies, Clive Standon, Michelle Weaver

Outer Banks (Additional Music) 
Director: Cherie Nowlan, Jonas Pete, Valerie Weiss
Producers: Sunny Hodge
Executive Producer: Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate
Starring: Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Charles Esten

ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff? (Documentary) 
Director: Kief Davidson
Producers: Bill Wheeler
Executive Producer: Irving Azoff
Starring: Bob Marley, Arnold Bertram, Cindy Breakspere

Cold Case Files (Additional Music) 
Director: Philip Lott
Producers: Jeana Dill, Stephen Neely, Aaron Simard
Starring: Danny Glover, Bill Kurtis, Laurent Andruet

Coopers Treasure (Additional Music) 
Discovery Channel
Director: Philip Lott
Producers: Adams Coles
Starring: Darrell Miklos, Roger Miklos, Manuel Rodriquez

Lawless Oceans (Additional Music) 
National Geographic
Director: Darius Bazargan
Producers: Meg Bernard, Emma Cleave, Krystina Meens
Starring: Karsten Von Hoesslin

I Love Bekka & Lucy (Songwriter) 
Stage 13
Director: Rachel Holder
Producers: Amanda Sayeg, Christopher Boyd, Kevin Mann


Hopeful Romantix Productions
Director: Nadine Crocker
Producers: Anthony Caravella, Nadine Crocker, Jay Seals Starring: Emily Deschanel, Lio Tipton, Dale Dickey

Director: Jonathan Marshall Thompson
Producers: Andy Carney, Hilary Smith, Jonathan Marshall Thompson
Starring: J.K. Simmons, Jerry Avorn, Elijah Cummings, Merrill Goozner

Likemeback (Songwriter) 
New Select K.K.
“Every Day”
“Losing Control”
“Moving Forward (Imagine)”
Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producers: Fabrizio Donvito, Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli, Nicola Lusuardi
Starring: Denise Tantucci, Angela Fontana, Blu Yoshimi

Misconduct (Songwriter) 
Grindstone Entertainment
Director: Shintaro Shimosawa
Producers: Ellen Wander
Starring: Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino

Last Summer 
Bolero Film
Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producers: Elda Ferri, Luigi Musini
Starring: Rinko Kikuchi, Yorick Van Wageningen, Lucy Griffiths

Homefront (Songwriter) 
Open Road Films
Director: Gary Fleder
Producers: Sylvester Stallone, Kevin King Templeton, John Thompson
Starring: Jason Statham, James Franco, Kate Bosworth, Winona Ryder

The Kids Grow Up (Additional Music) 
Shadow Distribution
Director: Doug Block
Producers: Doug Block, Lori Cheatle
Starring: Doug Block

16 to Life (Additional Music) 
Gravitas Ventures
Director: Becky Smith
Producers: Denise Mann, Becky Smith
Starring: Hallee Hirsh, Theresa Russell, Shiloh Fernandez


Black Slide
Miyu Distribution
Director: Uri Lotan
Producers: Amit Gicelter, Andrew Lord

Director: Gennady Fridman
Producers: Gennady Fridman, Leigh Joel Scott Starring: Leigh Joel Scott, Leigh Joel Scott

Love Never Forgets 
AG Global Media Group
Director: Fred Grant
Producers: Cici Lau, Merlin Showalter
Starring: Atticus Guo, Cici Lau, Davis Choh

Bread Pudding
Director: Gennady Fridman
Producers: Gennady Fridman, Rebekah Fridman
Starring: Bre Mueck, Crosby Fitzgerald, Josh Covitt

Post Mortem
Director: Nick Kilgore, Erynn Baldwin
Producers: Erynn Baldwin, Nick Kilgore, Ben Rosenblatt
Starring: Nick Kilgore, Erynn Baldwin

Positively Positive
Director: Colin Costello
Producers: Eric Handler
Starring: Jolie Natalia Handler, Jemma Handler, Antonia Cytrynowicz

The Critic 
The Punk Floyd Company
Director: Stella Velon
Producers: Jean Gabriel Kauss
Starring: Stella Velon, Alan Smyth, Todd Karner

Director: David Tenenbaum
Producers: Tanya Bershadsky
Starring: Katherine Kampko, Tatiana Lee

Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producers: Scott Beardslee, Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Starring: Gabe Nevins, Linda Thorson

Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producers: Scott Beardslee, Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Starring: Jena Malone, Wass Stevens, Daniel Ball

A Thousand Suns (Additional Music) 
Global Oneness Project
Director: Stephen Marshall
Producers: Gayatri Roshan, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Starring: Joe Devries, Mburu Gathuru, Mazge Gazeto

The Center 
Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producers: Nick London, Martina Vergnani
Starring: Albano Guatti, Martina Vernani, Jennifer Arvay

Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producers: Scott Beardslee, Yaque Silva-Doyle
Starring: Daniel Ball