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Amon Tobin

World-class composer and sound designer Amon Tobin has indisputably shaped today’s electronic music landscape, with his influence reaching artists and producers both within and outside the genre. Throughout his career, Tobin has established a reputation for musical ingenuity, and has worked with a variety of respected artists and composers such as Kronos Quartet, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Philip Glass.

Tobin first emerged onto the electronic music scene in the mid-1990’s, releasing a string of singles on the London-based label 9Bar Records. His first album, Adventures in Foam, was released in 1996 and prompted his signing to Ninja Tune. Tobin’s work, in his own words, “took bits of existing music from old records and tried to find new contexts for them.” This creative direction brought forth the albums Bricolage and Supermodified.

This led to the next stage in Tobin’s musical progression - his last album, Foley Room, where he “looked at all sounds as potentially musical,” using his own field recordings of lions, wolves, bees, factories and so on. With his latest album ISAM, Tobin started with field recordings, synthesized the sounds, and built them into playable instruments. And for the first time he has featured his own vocals on the album, synthesized and gender modified: “It’s by far the most exciting development in my personal quest for some control over nature,” Tobin explains. “Anything from a grain of found sound to my own voice can be transformed into something new.”

Tobin’s music has been used in numerous major motion pictures including The Italian Job and 21. He's also created songs for several independent films, including the 2006 Hungarian film Taxidermia. Tobin’s work can also be heard in the 2002 Cannes Palme d'Or winner Divine Intervention (“Easy Muffin” remixed by Bonobo). A selection of his tracks were featured in the 2005 anime, IGPX. That same year, Tobin created the musical score to Ubisoft's critically acclaimed and highly successful video game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory as well as Sucker Punch's Infamous.

Tobin resides in San Francisco, and is touring in support of his latest album. The tour includes prime slots at Coachella on April 13 and 20, and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in October.

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Amon Tobin's selected tracks
Track Time
Journeyman 6:38 Catalog
First Son's Suspense 2:55 Infamous
Blood, Sweat and More (Edit) 0:40 Taxidermia
Better Get That 3:25 Two Fingers (Instrumentals)
Bath Scene (Edit) 0:43 Taxidermia
High Life (Instrumental) 3:14 Two Fingers (Instrumentals)
Doing My Job (Instrumental) 3:38 Two Fingers (Instrumentals)
Introducing (Edit) 0:39 Taxidermia
Taximagpie (Edit) 0:47 Taxidermia
Conviction- Menu Theme 2:18 Splinter Cell
Jewels and Gems (Instrumental) 4:01 Two Fingers (Instrumentals)
Coste Fenaz 2:16 Splinter Cell
Wooden Toy 2:24 Catalog

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